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Ready or Not: Grr. I just finished book 3 of the "Faith of our Fathers" series, which is historical fiction about the Civil War. I thought it was the last in the series, but there apparently is a fourth. I borrowed them from my dad, who does not seem to have the fourth. And to make matters worse, it's one of those snooty books that does not come in paperback. I suppose I could buy it and then give it to my dad for his birthday, as it seems rather silly for him to have the first three and me to have the fourth. But I'm not sure my dad reads anymore. Before I start any more of his serial collections, I'll have to make sure they are complete.

Maggie aroused herself around 5:45 so I snuggled her and she went back to sleep. I don't feel tired anymore, and December 31 seemed like a very fitting day to be awake well before the sun to ponder a few things alone. I've set some goals for next year. I don't remember last year's goals, but I usually get what I want, so for the sake of the argument, we'll just assume I achieved success. I know at least one goal from last year was to stop throwing my money away in rent and to buy a house, which I've done. Another was probably a copout goal, like having a baby, which obviously also happened, considering Susie was 7-months pregnant when 2007 began. I look forward to 2008 and think it has a lot of potential. Bring it on!

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