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[Comments] (8) March Madness: Apparently the Beet has decided that March suits her best. I just hope she'll be wise enough to beware the Ides of March. Maybe she wants to be a St. Patty's baby, since it will compliment her Irish name. Who can say?

My coworker, whose daughter is due tomorrow, was born last night. And I got his workload, until my baby comes and I can farm it out myself.

Upon the advice of the sagacious Allyson, we are doing something fun each day until the Beet decides she wants to participate and come out. Today we went for Boba shakes. Susie even tried one of my boba--I'm shocked. I had a strawberry-coconut boba drink and it was fab. How come I've overlooked the combination of strawberries and coconuts for so long?


Posted by Kristen at Wed Feb 28 2007 19:44

So you have decided on a name for sure? What are bobas?

Posted by Rachel at Wed Feb 28 2007 21:35

Clearly Kristen did not go to UCLA. I never liked bobas.

My Irish prof said her first was two weeks late... and her second was four weeks early. So you never know.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 28 2007 22:36

boba are like big tapioca balls. I had a roommate who served a mission in Japan and called them starch balls.

We're most likely still naming her Margaret Susan, unless we see her and change our minds.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 01 2007 08:40

Why Susan and not Suzanna? Just curious if there is someone else you are naming her after. And you are going to call her Maggie?

Posted by John at Thu Mar 01 2007 09:47

Susan is my mother's name. Susanna and I have absolutely no plans to ever give our children our names, for first or middle names.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 01 2007 15:10

And you will call her Maggie. haha sorry about the twenty will see why.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 01 2007 15:11

oh yeah, sorry about the spelling, Susanna. I am your cousin, I should know better!

Posted by John at Thu Mar 01 2007 16:55

Maggie's still tentative until we meet her. But it'll probably be Maggie. Or Meg. I like Meg, but we may wait until she's in school to start calling her that.

People always comment on how my mom and Susie have the same name, and how it's some Freudian thingy. Anywho, it's a sensitive subject for Susie.


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