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[Comments] (3) It Starts: I am extremely worn out of working 60+ hours a week and every Saturday for a month straight. The sooner the Beet comes, the sooner I get a break. Yet despite my discussing this with the Beet night after night, she stays glued inside her mother's womb.

Already I have a daughter that won't listen to her father.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Mar 02 2007 08:09

Oh no, poor John. I am afraid to tell you that you won't be getting much of a break when she comes either. ;)

Posted by John at Fri Mar 02 2007 09:39

While that may be true, I'll take my chances nonetheless. There are inherent rewards to parenting that are not immediately evident in a staff accountant's busy season.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Mar 02 2007 21:27

I agree!


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