Traffic for 2007 March 14 (entry 1)

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The Beet & The Bean: (March 11, 2007): Our daughter is so much like Jellybean it’s a little scary. I suppose Jelly did live with us during the first trimester, so that may explain a few things.

For starters, they sleep alike. The Beet doesn’t care to have her arms swaddled. She likes them out and next to her face. She sleeps with them near her head. The Bean does the same thing. She likes to sleep all sprawled out with her front paws extended way forward.

The Bean is a cross-eyed kitten. The Beet also likes to be cross-eyed, mostly while looking at her daddy. Maybe I’m viewed best cross-eyed.

Both snore very similarly as well.

The Bean doesn’t really meow. She squeaks. The Beet doesn’t really cry. She just makes the most adorable little noises. Usually. The Beet actually does know how to cry. Thankfully, she doesn’t always do it.


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