Traffic for 2007 March 14 (entry 2)

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House Arrest: (March 12, 2007): Feeding the Beet every three hours doesn’t necessarily seem like a Herculean task. But it is. She takes about an hour to feed and to be changed, which means you get two hours of sleep every three hours. Last night (Sunday March 11) we got up at midnight, one, four, five, and seven-thirty for feedings. Just as we’d get her back to bed, we’d hear either big, big tooties or crying for more milk. Never mind that she fell asleep at the tit. She apparently wanted a little TLC between courses. I’m so tired.

I also had a hard time sleeping. I wake up at every little sound coming from the bassinet. Does that ever stop? Or will I always be waking in the night to check on my children? I think I may never get a decent night’s rest again.

But I am so glad I have so much uncle experience. Rachel thinks I should be a SAHD. And the nurse couldn’t believe how I handled Margaret so nonchalantly. She said most dads carry the babies around as though they were porcelain dolls, but that I understood that, after what she’d just been through, that she’s tougher than you think. I’ve already had to show mommy that you have to hit harder than you want to when burping. And mommy’s finally getting the hang of diaper changing, which is great. Daddy could use a break.

The practical, CPA side of me wants to take a picture of her every hour and start drafting wills, organizing trust funds, and opening 529 college funds for her. But the physical side of me just wants to hold her in our rocking chair. The physical side is winning.

I’m once again continually grateful to EY for this leave of absence. I can’t imagine fatherhood without it. I think all companies should have paternity leave plans. And, looking back, I’m so glad we never had kids in school, because school stops for nothing. I love learning Susie’s role, and am glad she understands mine (she has more work experience than I do now, after all). What a great team we make.


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