Traffic for 2007 March 14 (entry 3)

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Daylight Scare-ings: (March 13, 2007): Congress has decided that we should save an additional amount of light each year, and bumped up daylight savings 3 weeks in 2007. The Beet came out during this momentous weekend. This caused all sorts of problems. Firstly, we lost an hour of sleep. Not only this, but it really seemed to confuse the nurses regarding changings and feedings. You haven’t fed her since when? Well, we did lose an hour. And, obviously, the lost sleep goes without saying.

Also, the clock mechanisms of the world also were adversely affected by this event. At 2 am, as Susie was up for a feeding, the clock began moving in double time. Normally, this would be unusual. But funny things occur in the mind of an individual up at 2 am. It really creeped Susie out.


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