Traffic for 2007 March 14 (entry 5)

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Hallelujah!: (March 13, 2007): Today was our first pediatrician appointment. Maggie has gained 3.5 ounces in four days! This means lots of good news: 1) Susie doesn’t have to supplement with formula anymore, which means John doesn’t have to get up and heat it up in the night). 2) Susie’s got the basic gist of breastfeeding! 3) We no longer have to wake up every 3 hours to feed the Beet; 4 hours is sufficient at night. Music to my ears.

The pediatrician also noted that she can’t smile for a few more weeks. Hogwash. She’s smiled at me. I’ve even caught her smiling in her sleep. It may not be a social smile, but it’s enough to melt a daddy’s heart.


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