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[Comments] (2) Sign of the Times: (March 14, 2007): A lot has changed in the pediatric world since Tyler was a baby. Apparently you are not supposed to use baby powder anymore. Ever. I always liked the smell of baby powder. Luckily for the manufacturers of the stuff, it has other uses. I wonder if they’ll remove the baby part out of the title. You are also not supposed to rub alcohol around the umbilical stump either. Also, rectal thermometers are now a no-no. That one I can live with.

She’s still a happy little sugar beet. She loves to sleep with her hands unswaddled up next to her head. And she loves to lay against daddy’s chest after a vigorous feeding.

We got this little newborn outfit from Carter’s that is a one-piece (but not a onesie) with legs, but the buttons around the legs and groin are reversible so that it can also be a gown. All the old outfits of Ember’s do not do that. It must be a new invention. I highly approve.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Mar 15 2007 17:45

I'm overwhelmed by all your posts

Posted by Alyson at Thu Mar 15 2007 22:18

These are really wonderful posts. Thanks for sharing.


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