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[Comments] (2) Review: Rarely do I write movie reviews, mostly because I don't watch that many movies, and also because I usually don't care about the ones I do watch. But I did watch two movies this week that were notable. The first was Stranger than Fiction. I liked it not only because of the tax accounting implications woven through the fabric of the movie, but also because of the witty scripting. Fine holiday fun.

Second was The Devil Wears Prada. How can you not like something with Meryl Streep? But really, I think it was intriguing because, had the movie been in the same setting (ie big business) but been about men, the movie would have been completely different.

Today the Beet had her two week checkup. She's now up to 7 lbs, 11 oz (gaining more than 1 oz per day). So now we no longer have to set an alarm to get up in the night! Yay for sleep!


Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 21 2007 21:43

I loved Devil Wears Prada. I also liked Stranger Than Fiction too. I am curious to know how long that baby will sleep without being woken up.

Posted by John at Thu Mar 22 2007 13:06

Last night it was around 4-5 hours. That's probably going to be the norm.


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