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[Comments] (3) She's 3 days slow, that's what she is: I love this season: girl scout cookie season! Happiness is a box of samoas. Susie calls them samosas, he he he. When we bought the box, the lady asked Susie if she was having a boy scout or a girl scout.

Today we decided that we were going to have an awesome day, Beet or no Beet. For starters, I didn't go to work today. We went shopping, had lunch at a mexican restaurant, and puttered around Crystal Cove. Susie scoffed that it cost $10 to go to the beach, but it's a pretty cool state park. Because of all the rocks at this beach, there are tide pools everywhere. We saw a bunch of huge, colorful starfish, sea slugs, and a really regal crane looking for food. There were mussels all over the rocks.

As directed by everyone we know, we had spicy food today and walked on the beach trails for an hour and a half. If the Beet doesn't come within 48 hours, medical science as we know it may hang in the balance. I, for one, think Susie hogs the baby on purpose!

Last night she kicked a lot and I could actually feel her feet and legs. She seems like a rather tall, skinny thing, based on what I felt. I couldn't be happier about that!


Posted by Rachel at Mon Mar 05 2007 10:52

No one has tried to sell me girl scout cookies! This makes me very sad. Usually they are outside stores or something. I dont know any girl scouts.

Posted by John at Mon Mar 05 2007 13:33

They were outside Wal-Mart & Stater Brothers. But probably only on Saturdays.

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 05 2007 14:55

I bought four boxes at work. I will save you some when Noelle brings them to me.


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