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[Comments] (3) Success?: Last night I woke up at 3 am panicking. Maggie hadn't eaten since 8:30 pm. I thought, well, maybe this is good. She is sleeping through the night now. But then I thought, no, this isn't good. I don't think 5 week-olds are supposed to sleep through the night.

I went to go wake her for a bottle, and decided that before I did I had better check the roster. Apparently she had eaten at 12:30 am, right on schedule. And I didn't hear her cry, didn't her Susie even get up. Wow. I slept right through it. Cool. But what if I start sleeping through my feeding times, (which was at 5:00 am, right on schedule)?

Also, I fed and burped Maggie and changed her diaper in half an hour last night! Usually it takes me 45-60 minutes to do all that. Way to go baby!


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