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[Comments] (4) Moving On: Susie & I have decided that enough bad customer service is enough. We've canceled our Netflix subscription and are getting cable! My night job is basically to allow a baby to sleep on me for two hours every night on the couch. Not near me. On me. She sleeps independently in the nursery all night so I won't complain. But it's hard to read a book with her on me (it really makes the arms sore to hold it up high over her). And the network teevee ain't cutting it. For starters, the rabbit ears give horrible reception. And secondly, there is NOTHING on network teevee worth watching, except for Lost. And we watch it online anyway so that if the Beet interrupts we won't miss anything. At the recommendation of many friends, family, and coworkers, I watched about 10 minutes of that Samba with the Stars show. I thought it was pretty dumb.

So now I can have a lot more channels with nothing on them! At least channel surfing will occupy the two hours. It doesn't take long when you only have 5 stations, but will be a lengthy process now. I can't believe we went two years without telly. But before the Beet we were a lot more active I suppose.

It's nice to have busy season behind me. This Tuesday my work is paying for me to go to Club 33 for lunch. And that means I get a full day Disneyland & CA Adventure pass! And then Susie and the Beet get to come with me there on June 2. I haven't been near Disney since our tickets expired 9 months ago; I'm excited to go back. And I'll get to go on Space Mountain and California Screamin with The Red Hot Chili Peppers to boot!

Maggie's still proving to be a doll. She sleeps really good at night, and she smiles a ton. My only complaint is the spitting up. Luckily, I don't own fancy clothes so I really don't care when she does it. I just change my shirt. She must be hands down the most spoiled thing on the planet. And she knows it.


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