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[Comments] (3) Between a Rock & a Hard Bench: Yesterday was Susie's big return to organ playing. Which meant I had to watch the bug. She slept through all of sacrament meeting, at the expense of my body. I didn't date put her down because I didn't want her to wail. But those LDS pews are soooo uncomfortable I thought my body was going to give out on me. I suppose they are made uncomfortable on purpose to keep the masses awake. It didn't work; she slept through the whole thing.

She dutifully took a bottle during Sunday School and smiled at me on my lap the rest of class. I then changed her diaper in that Koala thing hanging on the wall in the men's room. Once again, she hated that big plastic monstrosity. Just looking at her in it made me uncomfortable.

We survived the Sunday, but she owes me.

[Comments] (3) UPDATE: I forgot: Maggie already paid me back. She slept for 9 hours last night. My normal 5 am feeding didn't occur until 8am!


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