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[Comments] (4) Independence Day: Maggie loves to take the binky out of her mouth. She tries to put it back in herself, which has has done maybe once. I think she really wants to do it on her own instead of bothering us. Which is sweet. But she isn't quite there yet.

Life seems so much better with Susie working and me staying home. For one thing, Maggie seems to nap better for me, which means I have more time to cook and clean. For another thing, Susie doesn't work as much as I do, so we see each other more and can both care for Maggie better. If only Susie's job paid better....

Tonight I wanted to make an eggplant parmesan, cuz I relaly like that stuff. But all the recipes seemed way too involved for someone caring for an infant. So I'm getting it take-out from Maggiano's instead.


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