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[Comments] (3) Kodak Moment: Today at the Spectrum I saw a security guard riding on a Gob-mobile. It made me laugh.

Speaking of kodak moments, I think a lot of people think that seeing me with Maggie during the day (doing the shopping, going to Disneyland, etc) is a kodak moment. One lady even asked me yesterday why I wasn't at work. She seemed skeptical at my response. But why shouldn't I be able to have it all?


Posted by Sumana at Thu Jun 21 2007 05:35

"One lady even asked me yesterday why I wasn't at work."

WHAT?! Man, I hear sometimes about the stupid and offensive things people say to people with infants in public, but that's a cake-taker. Please tell me that you get more friendly/happy/helpful comments than useless ones.

Posted by John at Thu Jun 21 2007 10:18

Yes, most people are very friendly. Maggie makes friends very easily. But once in a while I either implicitly or explicity feel that I am being judged harshly. Usually by older people it seems (traditional notions regarding gender roles are hard to break).

The comments at Disney surprise me the most. Isn't it possible that I'm riding a kid ride with my baby while the other adults are on a thrill ride? That we're on vacation? Oh well, I don't let them get to me. I'm having too much fun with my daughter.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jun 21 2007 16:50

You are such a cute stay-at-home-daddy. I wish I made more money. I'm glad you get to have it all for a while!


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