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[Comments] (4) Peace & Sirens: In LA for training. We came up Tuesday night only to find that my room with a king sized bed was gone. At least I got a room. Some of my coworkers did not even get a room. Apparently, the Sheraton needs a lesson on how a reservation works. They know how to take them, but not how to keep them. Pitiful. So we slept in separate beds. I wasn't in the mood to sleep that tightly.

We also asked for a crib for the bug. When we got to the room, there was a fridge in the bathroom but no crib. I kept telling Susie that they must have thought I said fridge. Two hours later, we finally got the crib. Pathetic. But Maggie got even with them: she peed all over the crib. She doesn't do that at home.

Last night was too quiet. It was my first night away from home without the Beet. But on the plus side I ate at my fav downtown hole-in-the-wall restaurant: Charlie Kabob. I can't decide if I love the food or the name the most.

Two more days and I get to take my baby to Disney!


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