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Baby Swap: Last night we watched our friend's 6-month old, Connor, so that his parents could go and watch Harry Potter 5. Tonight they are watching Maggie for us.

Connor is obsessed with Maggie, but Maggie doesn't really seem to care about Connor that much. She'll look at him and smile, but Connor always wants to touch Maggie. Last night Maggie dutifully went to bed at 7:45, the usual hour. Connor, however, does not have a usual hour. His mom says she waits until he's tired and then pushes him in the stroller until he falls asleep. The baby books all say that's a no no, that children should be put down awake (yet tired) and learn to fall asleep on their own. But it's their baby so what can I say.

Well, Connor decided to be ornery at 8:15, and started screaming, which woke up Maggie. So I took him outside and walked with him for 30 minutes before he fell asleep and I could put him down. Poor kid. He was probably wary of me and his unfamiliar surroundings, so I was willing to hold him until he fell asleep. But it's a good thing that he only weighs two more pounds than Maggie, or I wouldn't have survived. He's a cute kid, but that's not a very good nighttime ritual.

Holding him made me wish I had a little boy. But I'm sure I'd feel the same way in reverse. I love my little girl, but she needs a little brother. One day. Not today. Or tomorrow. Or even next year.

I hope Maggie will behave for them tonight. She can be high maintenance sometimes, even if she is the cutest bug that ever lived.


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