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The Home Stretch: I am exactly halfway through HP7 now. I had hoped to be farther, but the last few chapters made me pause, and I re-read them. Not to give it away, but Christmas has just wrapped up and Ron did something heroic. I'm glad I'm a slow reader. I've mentioned stuff to Susie that she didn't remember, but it gives her this look of "Oh, that's what that means." I'd rather read it right than make incorrect judgments and re-read it later. And since I am so busy with a Beet and with work, I haven't had time to be tempted to look online yet. That all said, I still plan to have the book finished by Sunday at the latest. Susie hopes earlier. She keeps saying stuff. Like mother, like daughter.

Impression so far: I like it, but the tone of the book is surprising to me.


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