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[Comments] (4) Words cannot explain: Today is my last day with the Mags. Today is Susie's last day of work. Monday is my first day as the quote-unquote breadwinner. I'll miss the extra income.

But I'm mostly happy with the decision. We don't really know a lot of people, so basically we'd be paying a stranger to care for Maggie. And it's expensive. How can someone with no past experience or skills charge so much? Maybe Susie should take in someone else's rugrats. But seriously. I refused to consider day care where the child to adult ratio is atrocious. That and I've heard horror stories from so many people about day care. Besides, no one will care for Maggie with as much love as we will. That's not to say there aren't good caregivers out there, because there are. But none of them would love my daughter the way Susie and I do.

My biggest worry is just that Susie will be bored and hot. Maybe in UT, when we have family to help watch Maggie, she can work again. We'll see. Maybe Susie will like taking care of her more the older she gets. I know I've had a blast watching Maggie grow in so many ways. She now can sit up on her own! So cute.

So, anyway, I guess that, even as an accountant, I've realized that there are solutions that involve more than considering the bottom line.

Zoom Zoom: As Susie mentioned on her blog, we sold the Saturn. To CarMax. An ingenious place. You can sell them a car without buying one. Now, sure, we could have sold it ourselves, paid money for an ad, dickered with people on the price, paid for a mechanic to check out the car, etc. You know, do it the old fashioned way. But we didn't. In an effortless hour and a half we walked out with a check, and we barely had to lift a finger to do it. Kudos to CarMax.

Incidentally, I hear there is another Saturn sitting in b-town that was supposed to have been sold months ago. I think CarMax could give it a good home.


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