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[Comments] (2) Templeton's Fair: Yesterday was my fourth wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Susie and I took Maggie to the OC Fair. What a racket. $7 for corn dogs, $6 for a funnel cake, $5 for parking, $16 to get in (luckily we got in for free), and around $6 per ride (we didn't ride anything--why would we when we can ride stuff at Disney for free?) I commented to Susie that I guess it was fitting we go to the fair. In the three years here this is our first visit and we live two miles from the fair grounds.

This fair will deep-fat-fry anything. Twinkies, Snickers, Cheesecake, avocados, artichokes, cookies, onions, cheese. Disgusting.

The fairgrounds felt so cramped to me. Susie and I both felt our hometown fairs seemed more spacious, but that's probably because we grew up in places where space is a commodity, not a precious gem.

Maggie didn't really care about the animals. I tried to make her, but she usually just looked away from them. Though in the maternity barn, the baby sheepies were all bleating and the mommy sheepies were bleating back and she seemed quite startled by the whole thing. Conclusion: baby sheep bleat nicely, but mommy sheep bleat like foghorns.

Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate at The Melting Pot without the Beet. I anticipate it being better than the fair.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Aug 01 2007 16:04

Ohhh, the Melting Pot, Susie didn't mention that...Aaron and I were just discussing yesterday how much we loved the melting pot the one time we did go. We got a $25 gift certificate on, maybe they have one for you guys in your area. Anyway, you have to splurge for the dessert fondue too, it was my favorite.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Aug 02 2007 05:15

Happy anniversary!


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