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Neverending Story: Last Tuesday Susie & Maggie departed for the magical land of UT and left me to fend for myself. Wed night my mission companion Shaun came and stayed with us until Monday morning. Thursday I took him to the train station and he explored LA while I worked. I took Friday off and we went for dim sum and to the beach. Saturday Susie & Maggie rejoined me and we went out for Indian food. Susie's curry had what appeared to be tin foil stuck to the side of her chicken. The waiter told us that it was silver. I didn't get any of the silver-laced chicken, because I was holding Maggie while she slept. But I already have silver in my mouth, so I guess that's ok.

Yesterday I also had the day off and we went to Disneyland. Maggie really enjoys Small World and the Disneyland express. She went to sleep after that. Maggie took her first bite of the real world yesterday (in the form of mushy rice cereal) and she seemed to enjoy it, though she was really hungry and rice cereal isn't as efficient as is a bottle. We knew she was ready for this step (and so did she) because she loves watching us eat. She already loves drinking from a cup, I think only because we do it. She's growing up too fast!


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