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[Comments] (1) Back to the Basics: I had to work today. I haven't worked on Saturday since Maggie was born. But I guess all good things must come to an end. I suppose I did work from home last Saturday before Susie and Maggie got back from UT. Susie brought me In-N-Out for lunch. Around 1:30 some coworker came around soliciting lunch orders. Hello. John doesn't do 2 pm lunches.

It seems as though the worst of summer is over. Last night we didn't even turn on the air--just opened the window. And where did summer go, I ask? I suppose I should be used to not having summer vacation by now, but I'm not. Being a grown up is actually more exhausting than being a teenager.

We went out for Mexican food last night and Maggie was extremely well-behaved in her high chair, while all the babies around us acted extremely fussily. I think we've got an angel in our midst.


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