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[Comments] (7) Head still spinning: Just got back from UT. I still cannot believe what I've accomplished this trip. Or what I still have to accomplish as a result of this trip.

Firstly, I can't believe we bought a house. I also cannot believe we qualified for a loan so easily. Apparently banks are only too eager to lend money to people, whether those people deserve the loan or not. I also cannot believe I found a house that I love. I totally planned on settling for a house with 100 things I hated about it, but I found one with less than 10. It will be a fun endeavor turning this house into a home over the next few years. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep over the whole escrow process.

Secondly, I got my raise for the year. I have high expectations for these things, and am always disappointed. But, without saying too much, the raise is 8% higher than even my highest expectation was.

Thirdly, I got some nice job offers. Hopefully I won't lose too much sleep deciding which one to choose.

Fourthly, I have been informed that the probate court has finally agreed to leave us alone to sell a house! That is extremely good news.

Now I just have to get homeowner's insurance, choose where I want to work, hire movers, finish up all my work here, and find time to sleep. Here's hoping for a quick October.


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