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[Comments] (6) The Twilight Bark: I'm going to kill the neighbor's dog. I don't understand how someone can put a dog out all night when the temperature is 20 degrees anyway.

Tomorrow and Friday I get to work from home while we move offices to the Gateway. Today we had an "everything must go" free-for-all. I procured a ficus tree that was even too big for the Pathfinder. But I somehow crammed it in there and now we have a jungle-themed front room. I also got a black EY golf shirt, and my coworkers, unbeknown st to them, procured 2007 intern shirts and hats (they'll find out Monday when they open their boxes in the new place)!

Things to do tomorrow: vacuum the car from the tree spillage, fix our fence that fell apart in the windstorm, fix the stepping stone wall that crumbled in the windstorm, figure out who to vote for in the UT primary.

Ten points for the individual that can name the book reference in my title.


Posted by susie at Thu Jan 10 2008 15:03

I didn't even know there was a book!
Thanks for the tree, and fixing the fence.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 10 2008 19:40

You should write your home owners association. I am sure there are codes against dogs barking late/early in the morning. I know there are in my neighborhood and I know my brother in law wrote a letter to his and he no longer heard his neighbor's dog at night. Susie is lucky to have such a useful man around the house. ;)

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 11 2008 08:51

We don't have an HOA... there are probably city rules about it though.

Posted by Jamie at Sat Jan 12 2008 18:05

When I saw Twilight Bark I thought of 101 Dalmations...not sure if that's what you were refrencing...sorry to hear about the repairs due to wind...gotta love being a home owner!

Posted by John at Sun Jan 13 2008 15:45

Ding Ding Ding! Come to think of it, I'm not sure if it's in the book. But it's in the Disney movie adaptation (the cartoon classic, not that horrid real-life remake with Glenn Close).

Posted by anonymous at Mon Jan 14 2008 11:41

yeah...I'm a winner! What is my!

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