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[Comments] (3) Unbelievable!: Our neighbors three doors up are selling their house. It's the same style as ours and I wanted to know the asking price. Unbelievable. The picture on the website is of OUR HOUSE!

I called the realtor to tell him his photographer did the wrong house and he says, get this, I KNOW! The neighbors haven't had a photographer yet so he just pulled ours from the file because you can't really see the address in the picture anyway. Do I have a problem with that, he asks?

I'm a reasonable human being, so I told him I guess not, since pictures of the real house will be up by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. But isn't this a violation of my privacy? Shouldn't he have to ask my permission first? I'm too lazy to look into the legal ramifications of this, but I have a feeling the law would be on my side.


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