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[Comments] (5) Yeah, right: Because Maggie is a smallish tot, the doctor advised us to feed her foods like butter. Am I the only one that thinks this is a bad idea? So instead at lunch today I let her have some of my coconut ice cream. I am giving her something less healthy but hey, at least it tastes good and won't clog her arteries.

We have had most of the snow melted in our yard for about a week. There is a patch that has been clinging on, and refused to go. Today it held out for friends, and now we have about three new inches in our backyard. I guess the American Puxatawny Phil was right, winter's here to stay.

Lastly, I need some boba. Do I dare quit my oh-so-great job (heh) and open a boba store here? I'd be the only one in UT, so I'd have a lock on the market. But on the other hand, maybe there's a reason there isn't one in Utah. Maybe boba's against the word of wisdom.


Posted by Sumana at Sun Mar 16 2008 01:05

LOL. Don't forget, you are (a small) part of the market! And the church! Maybe boba is the next caffeine-free diet Coke!

Posted by Rachel at Sun Mar 16 2008 07:44

maybe you should spoon feed her extra virgin olive oil.

probably there isn't a reason.. just like there isn't a reason there are no cheetos here. they would sell so well in the uk!

Posted by Kristen at Sun Mar 16 2008 12:52

I wouldn't worry about Maggie being small. Lily's pediatrician never said to feed her anything like that because she could tell she has always been petite. That's just her framee...look at you guys. Maggie's parents aren't big people.

Isn't boba tapioca balls? Why would it be against the WoW?

Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 16 2008 16:25

I think John was kidding about the WoW...
We're not too worried about the tiny bug we're raising, other than that she Used to be in the 75%. All the clothes we bought are 12-18 months... we're trying to skip the 9-12 month size, we'll see how it goes!

Posted by John at Mon Mar 17 2008 12:27

Yeah, I was joking about the WoW. I think boba would not bode well in UT. People here are beyond picky. None of my family will go to sushi with me. Heck, half of them won't even go get Thai/Indian food with me. How can boba compete? Plus the Asian population is wanting badly here.

Kristen: I tried to post on your blog about saving for Gunnar's Lasik surguery now. But once again, I am spam. Not sure if it's me or the words I'm using. Who knew Lasik was a cussword?

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