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[Comments] (2) Dancing Queen: Against Susie's better judgment, I got Maggie two Wiggles DVD's for her birthday. So loves them to pieces. She watched one of them three times in a row at Jamie's house, and when Erin was watching her the other day, she brought Erin the DVD case and pointed at the tv repeatedly until Erin turned it on. She really gets into them. I may have created a monster. Now Susie & I will only be able to watch our shows when she's asleep. Good thing we don't really have any shows to speak of.

I guess if we wanted to watch a show we could always put the Wiggles on the laptop while we watch on the tv. Or we could be mean and show Maggie who's the boss. Though I think we may be surprised at the answer to that one.

I can tell that Maggie is ready for busy season to end. Now whenever she sees me she clings to me hard and cries if even Susie tries to take her so I can get stuff done. Poor little thing. She knows who the moneymaker is!


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