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[Comments] (1) Go Green Go: Yesterday at work was a happy day. For the next two months, in order to promote flexibility, encourage EY employees to go green, and to help the workforce adjust to the new levels of inflation, we are allowed to work from home once a week. I have asked for Wed, (nice commuter's break right in the middle of the week). I'm very excited about this, and the implications it has for company morale, UT's air quality, and the environment as a whole.

I've often wondered if the world would switch more to a telecommuting system as we scramble to have mass transit catch up with rising fuel costs. Unfortunately, I think that, due to the extreme lack of professionalism exhibited by many people, that pipe dream is still a way's off. Both because I've been certified a professional by both the states of CA & UT, at least I can benefit. Here's to the planet's future!

[Comments] (1) Summer Days: It's been so long since I've lived in a neighborhood where children can be heard out playing into the wee hours of the night. It's really calming for me to go to sleep hearing the neighbor kids playing their summer vacation away. I enjoy that about our neighborhood.

Other recent successes include: actually getting home taught for the first time in 3 years, getting caught up on all the weeding, planning ahead for Sunday School lessons (today we played Cranium, church style, to high acclaim of the participants), losing 5 pounds, getting new glasses & prescription sunglasses, spending quality time with family, and organizing a successful IHOP party for Grandma June.

Also, though Maggie is months away from talking, she understands a lot of what we say. She can point to all the body parts covered in the song "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" and when we say things like "let's go for a walk" she goes to the door; or "can you get your shoes" she actually fetches her shoes. Now we just have to get her to listen when we say things like "come back please." She loves to run down the street. Being a parent is loads of fun!

I Nailed It: I am so sick of the bare wall in our front room, especially since we haven't touched up the wall from the previous owners, so it is full of holes. We want to make it a picture wall. So to accomplish this, we took family pictures back in Nov. Problem was, it was a cold day and the photographer did a poor job. So we couldn't use those.

December was ok because the Christmas tree went there. But from Jan-today I have been frequently upset at this huge, bare wall. So we took family pictures again in May. Susie and I placed our order in record speed. Unfortunately, my family moves at a snails pace, and the order all went in as one. So we are still waiting.

Today I couldn't take it anymore, and hung all the frames on the wall, even though the only pictures in the frames are of those people that come with the frame. I'm sure they are nice people, and now they are our people. Honestly, I don't care anymore. It looks awesome to me, and I should have done it months ago. Who cares if I don't know them, and some of them are sideways because I know the picture we ordered will go the other way? Finally, I have a family picture wall. I officially feel moved in now.

Mr Lonely: For some unexplained reason, I find it comforting to log onto Gmail and find Leonard logged in as well. Even if he is on "away" status most of the time. I guess with my crazy work hours and random e-mail checks, it's nice to feel like I'm not the only one still working. And he's two hours ahead of me to boot!

[Comments] (1) Patient Patient: I am the worst infirm person ever. I pulled my quad about two weeks ago running a 10K. As I was only 4 miles in, I somehow plucked up the stamina to run the other 2 miles and finish the race. The pulled quad put undue strain on my opposite ankle, which in turn has led to quite the sprain.

I put myself on bed rest starting Tuesday, because Monday night after work I noticed my ankle had tripled in size. I have been on bed rest ever since, and am starting to go stir crazy. I'd rather be sick than have a sprained ankle. I can't get up and walk. Finally this morning I am able to walk without pain, but obviously the area is still sensitive and will require rehabilitation to get me back up to speed.

I'm not used to being waited on, so I still try and do things on my own. It's frustrating me because my ankle still hurts, it frustrates Susie, who is only trying to help, and it frustrates Maggie because she is pretty bored of sitting on my bed all day.

Every morning it feels gradually better. I can't wait to be back up on my feet again.


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