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[Comments] (2) hot and heavy: The 4th was pleasantly cool yesterday, due to cloud cover and some slight breezes. We spent the morning at the Lehi pool for the annual Holbrook swim extravaganza. Maggie decided to hate the pool for the first 5 minutes, but thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the swim. She mostly cruised around in her little inflatable thingy, and watched people dive and play. She also snuggled with Grandma and ate raisins while we had water relay races.

Lunch was at the cabin, and we stayed the night. Maggie got to pet the neighbor's horses and seemed to be pretty excited about it. Today's much hotter so we are hiding inside. I'm ready for September weather now.

Grandma June was supposed to die Thursday night, but she still made it to the parties, and actually stayed at the cabin until the last family left. It's amazing what one can do on her deathbed.

[Comments] (2) The winds of change: Had to fly to San Jose last night, after quite a long day at the office. While checking in, I noticed a seat opening on the front row! So I switched seats. I was first to board in the general class, had loads of legroom, and had plenty of overhead bin capacity to put all my luggage in. I never check luggage, as I don't believe in the practice. Too much to be left to chance. Also, the Delta magazine was brand new so I got to do all the sudokus and crosswords, which occupied the entire flight. And the lady who sat next to me was the last to board so I had plenty of room until the end.

I was also the first off the plane. And since I don't check luggage, I got right into a taxi and was in my hotel room by 10:15. I bet the rest of the office didn't saunter in until around 11:00. Sweet.

Maggie keeps getting cuter and cuter. Her favorite activities lately include brushing her teeth with our toothbrushes, running away when we ask her to come, putting rocks in her car, putting rocks in the green waste, playing with her kitchen, coloring (well, more like playing with crayons than coloring), and, as usual, watching The Wiggles.

Sunday I assisted with fast offerings because all the YM are apparently out of town until August. Let me tell you, I'll be slow to "volunteer" ever again. It took two hours, it was 95 degrees outside, and two people were not very nice to me. I also need to start home teaching less, or they'll slap me with more people. My stellar record has already prompted them to call me as the Home Teaching Supervisor. I may demand a raise.

[Comments] (3) Birthday Bonanza: My BIL turned 29 on the 9th. My nephew Logan turned 14 yesterday. My nephew James turned 9 today. Logan got a cell phone for his birthday. My brother is the best father in the world and only got him one so he can continue to fit in with his friends. It's now come to that. Cell phone=surviving Jr high. Back when I was there it required trendy clothes. Now it requires gadgets. Wonder how Jr high will evolve when it's Maggie's turn.

In other news, men suck.

[Comments] (1) Single Parenthood: I honestly don't know how they do it. I've been a single parent for the past four days. And I still had to work, which meant taking full advantage of naptime and then working into the wee hours of the night, starting at 8 pm when Maggie is in bed and continuing until the work is done. Which sometimes wasn't until 3 am. And then all over again the next day, beginning at 7 am, Maggie's signature wake-up time. Don't even mention yard work, though I did manage to mow the lawn last night. Susie, come home.

This week was Draper Days so I took Maggie to the parade yesterday. She seemed to enjoy it. Some of the people realized not everyone could chase for the candy so a few people actually handed Maggie tootsie rolls and salt water taffy, the signature parade candies. Maggie especially enjoyed the Herbie replica, the horses, a man dressed as a cow imploring us to eat more chicken, but did not care at all for Chewbacca.

Maggie and I have also spent the evenings at the park. Though I don't like going on the slide with her, because it shocks us over and over again, Maggie's really enjoyed it. It's next to a skate park, which means that I occasionally have to put up with pre-teens making out in the slides. All I can say is I am glad to no longer be playing the dating game.

Maggie has been good about eating. She usually wants what I'm having. So I put a banana in my Instant Breakfast and she loved it. Susie's not too happy about it, however. And since raspberries are $1 per package right now, we've been having lots of smoothies. This morning I put raspberries in my cereal and Maggie thought that was pretty cool. So once again, she had what I was having.

We missed church today. I was supposed to teach Sunday School and get set apart for another calling in EQ today, but oh well. Maggie woke up at 6 am (shudders) and by 8:45 was ready for a nap. So I gave her one, assuming we'd just skip sacrament meeting. She didn't wake up until 11:45. She's never done that before, and of course it was on a day when I had to stay home with her. I figure it's karma anyway. One time we didn't have Sunday School because the youth all went to a retirement home to do Sacrament meeting. No one told us, and we weren't happy about coming home early from a vacation only to sit in an empty classroom for 45 minutes. Today must have been payback.

It's gonna be a busy summer at work from here on out. At least it'll take my mind off of the heat.

[Comments] (3) Just wonderin: So Maggie has been up all night coughing. And because cough medicine has been deemed dangerous to babies in our day and age (even though we were all raised on it, thankyouverymuch) I've had to put up with her. I've given her tylenol for the pain and even some oragel. She got the oragel all over me so I licked my fingers clean. My tongue went numb! Apparently oragel is nothing more than novocaine. Which raises an interesting point: if novocaine can be given orally, then what's with the shot of novocaine at the dentist? Why not give it orally? It just goes to prove my point: doctors and dentists are sadists.

Poor Maggie is sick. I was up all night with her Saturday. Then Sunday after 2 hours of sleep it was off to teach Sunday School. Then home and back to bed. Maggie's cough has lessened so last night was thankfully less eventful. Today is back to the grind all over again.

[Comments] (3) 5 years and counting: Today marks 5 years of bliss. Susie got a new computer to commemorate the ocassion, which I am now proudly using. We got a desktop and it's nice to have a real keyboard, mouse, and a big screen to type on. Susie got me a coupon for a massage. I'm apprehensive to use it, however. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure it will relieve some stress, which work just can't seem to give me enough of these days. But I'm a little nervous to be touched by a stranger. I like my personal space very much.

I hate it when Maggie gets sick. We pamper her, especially in the night. Then when she gets better, she expects the same pampering. This usually leads Susie & I to sleep on the air mattress in the basement so we can sleep through the crying until Maggie remembers the real status quo, as opposed to the poor sick baby status quo. Here's hoping for a good night sleep, if there is such a thing for a dad.


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