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[Comments] (2) The winds of change: Had to fly to San Jose last night, after quite a long day at the office. While checking in, I noticed a seat opening on the front row! So I switched seats. I was first to board in the general class, had loads of legroom, and had plenty of overhead bin capacity to put all my luggage in. I never check luggage, as I don't believe in the practice. Too much to be left to chance. Also, the Delta magazine was brand new so I got to do all the sudokus and crosswords, which occupied the entire flight. And the lady who sat next to me was the last to board so I had plenty of room until the end.

I was also the first off the plane. And since I don't check luggage, I got right into a taxi and was in my hotel room by 10:15. I bet the rest of the office didn't saunter in until around 11:00. Sweet.

Maggie keeps getting cuter and cuter. Her favorite activities lately include brushing her teeth with our toothbrushes, running away when we ask her to come, putting rocks in her car, putting rocks in the green waste, playing with her kitchen, coloring (well, more like playing with crayons than coloring), and, as usual, watching The Wiggles.

Sunday I assisted with fast offerings because all the YM are apparently out of town until August. Let me tell you, I'll be slow to "volunteer" ever again. It took two hours, it was 95 degrees outside, and two people were not very nice to me. I also need to start home teaching less, or they'll slap me with more people. My stellar record has already prompted them to call me as the Home Teaching Supervisor. I may demand a raise.


Posted by Kristen at Thu Jul 10 2008 16:59

That's what you get for being so dependable, John!

Posted by Susie at Fri Jul 11 2008 17:24

Miss you! (Maggie is waving to the computer)

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