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[Comments] (3) Birthday Bonanza: My BIL turned 29 on the 9th. My nephew Logan turned 14 yesterday. My nephew James turned 9 today. Logan got a cell phone for his birthday. My brother is the best father in the world and only got him one so he can continue to fit in with his friends. It's now come to that. Cell phone=surviving Jr high. Back when I was there it required trendy clothes. Now it requires gadgets. Wonder how Jr high will evolve when it's Maggie's turn.

In other news, men suck.


Posted by Susie at Sun Jul 13 2008 14:53

Note to the outside world: Logan will be in 9th grade, which is still Jr high here.

I think You are the best father in the world. :)

Posted by Sumana at Mon Jul 14 2008 14:38

You are a man and I think you're great! (Not to mention my own husband and many of my friends.) Call us if you want to vent about the men who make you boil.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jul 14 2008 20:23

I would like to know why men suck too...

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