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[Comments] (1) Single Parenthood: I honestly don't know how they do it. I've been a single parent for the past four days. And I still had to work, which meant taking full advantage of naptime and then working into the wee hours of the night, starting at 8 pm when Maggie is in bed and continuing until the work is done. Which sometimes wasn't until 3 am. And then all over again the next day, beginning at 7 am, Maggie's signature wake-up time. Don't even mention yard work, though I did manage to mow the lawn last night. Susie, come home.

This week was Draper Days so I took Maggie to the parade yesterday. She seemed to enjoy it. Some of the people realized not everyone could chase for the candy so a few people actually handed Maggie tootsie rolls and salt water taffy, the signature parade candies. Maggie especially enjoyed the Herbie replica, the horses, a man dressed as a cow imploring us to eat more chicken, but did not care at all for Chewbacca.

Maggie and I have also spent the evenings at the park. Though I don't like going on the slide with her, because it shocks us over and over again, Maggie's really enjoyed it. It's next to a skate park, which means that I occasionally have to put up with pre-teens making out in the slides. All I can say is I am glad to no longer be playing the dating game.

Maggie has been good about eating. She usually wants what I'm having. So I put a banana in my Instant Breakfast and she loved it. Susie's not too happy about it, however. And since raspberries are $1 per package right now, we've been having lots of smoothies. This morning I put raspberries in my cereal and Maggie thought that was pretty cool. So once again, she had what I was having.

We missed church today. I was supposed to teach Sunday School and get set apart for another calling in EQ today, but oh well. Maggie woke up at 6 am (shudders) and by 8:45 was ready for a nap. So I gave her one, assuming we'd just skip sacrament meeting. She didn't wake up until 11:45. She's never done that before, and of course it was on a day when I had to stay home with her. I figure it's karma anyway. One time we didn't have Sunday School because the youth all went to a retirement home to do Sacrament meeting. No one told us, and we weren't happy about coming home early from a vacation only to sit in an empty classroom for 45 minutes. Today must have been payback.

It's gonna be a busy summer at work from here on out. At least it'll take my mind off of the heat.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 21 2008 19:58

You're such a good daddy! Thanks for staying home so I could go off and have fun. I can't wait for January! I'm glad you missed me. It's hard to be home taking care of Maggie all day, sneaking work and productivity in during naps. I imagine it's even harder staying up all night to be productive too! Thanks. =)

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