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[Comments] (3) Just wonderin: So Maggie has been up all night coughing. And because cough medicine has been deemed dangerous to babies in our day and age (even though we were all raised on it, thankyouverymuch) I've had to put up with her. I've given her tylenol for the pain and even some oragel. She got the oragel all over me so I licked my fingers clean. My tongue went numb! Apparently oragel is nothing more than novocaine. Which raises an interesting point: if novocaine can be given orally, then what's with the shot of novocaine at the dentist? Why not give it orally? It just goes to prove my point: doctors and dentists are sadists.

Poor Maggie is sick. I was up all night with her Saturday. Then Sunday after 2 hours of sleep it was off to teach Sunday School. Then home and back to bed. Maggie's cough has lessened so last night was thankfully less eventful. Today is back to the grind all over again.


Posted by Kristen at Tue Jul 29 2008 11:39

Actually, I think a sadist would be one who performed a root canal without anesthesia. I know you are joking, but even though your tongue felt numb, I bet if it was poked with a needle you would feel it. I don't buy into the "not safe" stuff but that's just me.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 29 2008 19:55

They do use an oral anesthetic to numb you before they stick the needle in. Same thing as oragel I'm sure.

I think the deal with cough medicine for children under three was that it is "not effective" and "possibly harmful". I personally don't think it does much for adults but it does make you feel a bit better.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Aug 04 2008 10:53

This is off topic slightly, of course, but you may be interested to know that if you drink lidocaine/novocaine etc. that it is virtually 100% metabolized by the liver before it makes it into the systemic blood. Same with morphine.

You can drink a gallon of morphine and virtually none of it will reach systemic blood.

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