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[Comments] (3) 5 years and counting: Today marks 5 years of bliss. Susie got a new computer to commemorate the ocassion, which I am now proudly using. We got a desktop and it's nice to have a real keyboard, mouse, and a big screen to type on. Susie got me a coupon for a massage. I'm apprehensive to use it, however. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure it will relieve some stress, which work just can't seem to give me enough of these days. But I'm a little nervous to be touched by a stranger. I like my personal space very much.

I hate it when Maggie gets sick. We pamper her, especially in the night. Then when she gets better, she expects the same pampering. This usually leads Susie & I to sleep on the air mattress in the basement so we can sleep through the crying until Maggie remembers the real status quo, as opposed to the poor sick baby status quo. Here's hoping for a good night sleep, if there is such a thing for a dad.


Posted by Sumana at Fri Aug 01 2008 07:41

Happy anniversary! I hope you and Susie enjoy your gifts.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Aug 02 2008 15:47

Happy Anniversary! I know the whole stranger thing bugs me too, but then it feels so good you couldn't give a care 5 minutes into it.

Posted by Mom at Mon Aug 04 2008 23:37

The touching bothers me too and I care the whole way through even though it feels good. But when it's done, the stress just comes back--I guess I just don't know how to turn it off and stay relaxed. So instead of massages I get pedicures. They keep my feet feeling good for many weeks. Even Dad likes pedicures.

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