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[Comments] (2) with style (and green gravy): Susie and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday by dropping the Beet off at Jodi's and jaunting over to Le Cheesecake Factory. I had the Miso Salmon, and I must say it was excellent. The miso and something about the salmon took away all traces of fish taste. Susie even tried it. Now that's really something. Even though it was on the lunch menu, it was enough for two meals.

We got a cheesecake to eat and one to go. To go, we got my favorite: Lemon Raspberry Creme Cheesecake, full of lemon-raspberry soaked lady fingers surrounded by cheesecake. Yum. For the table, we decided to try something new: Pistachio Cheesecake. It had a flourless chocolate cake crust and was beyond good.

Afterwards we walked around the mall. We used to always peruse South Coast (indoor mall) and The Spectrum (outdoor mall) in SoCal but here we normally stay away from malls. I figured out why yesterday. South Coast, in particular, had no food court. It had real restaraunts. It also had H&M, Borders, Williams-Sonoma, etc. All the malls here have to offer include Panda Express, Hot Dog on a Stick, and stupid trend shops like Hot Topic and Aeropostale. Nothing fun. I used to enjoy clothes shopping. Now it's a chore (except for Maggie--it's still fun to buy her clothes).

It's August, which means only one thing to me: personal life goes on hold while work takes over. I have so much to do between now and October 15th that I am literally losing sleep over how to get it all done on time.


Posted by Susie at Sun Aug 03 2008 22:17

Most. Delicious. Cheesecake. Ever. I'm glad we tried it. Thanks for taking me to lunch, sweetie!

Posted by Kristen at Sun Aug 10 2008 20:49

LOVE Cheesecake Factory

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