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Alpine this: So we had a work party yesterday at the Park City Mountain resort. We got to ride the Alpine coaster in turns while Maggie took a nap. And we took Maggie on the lift and the Alpine slide! Technically you have to be two to ride, so we lied. Honestly, do you really have to be two to sit on your dad's lap on the lift pointing frantically at the alpine slide? Maggie did clutch me pretty tight on some of the drops, though. She's been obsessed with slides as of late, so this trip must have been a dream come true for her.

I can see why some chidren should not be allowed to ride, however. It would be a harrowing 20 minutes indeed if you had to ride a ski lift with a toddler that refuses to sit still!

We saw all sorts of gophers and prarie dogs trying frantically to burrow under the slide. I wonder if they're up to something. We also happened across a gopher the size of a cat along the way. Be afraid. The alpine coaster is awesome! You just meander all the way up the mountain, lulling you into a false sense of a serene country ride. Don't be fooled; the down parts were fast and furious. It was pretty cool.

Lastly, I found out that Mike (a neighbor) is kin (a cousin) to Stephanie Meyer, of the Twilight persuasion, not the bologna persuasion.


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