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Why oh WY: I forgot to post but I flew to Jackson, WY last Friday so my really rich client could sign his tax returns. Said client has three personal jets. I flew in style! Did you know that flying to Jackson only takes 40 minutes? The drive takes 6 hours. I had this yummy coconut thing on the plane. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fly coach again. His employee, who flew with me, had to stay past our meeting. No matter. I still took my jet home and he had another brought up to take his employee home later.

Also, he has a book on his coffee table of the Grand Tetons. I picked it up, looked out his window, and noticed that the view from his window is the same one on the book! He has an unobstructed view of the Tetons that is to die for. I'm told Dick Cheney also lives in Jackson. Lucky for us, I wasn't shot.

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