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[Comments] (2) Life Events: On Kristen's note, I got my first speeding ticket last week. And I totally deserved it. Going 60 in a 35 zone. But my cop was nice and only wrote me up for 11 over, and traffic school will take the points off my record. I'm actually kind of glad it happened. I need to slow down and the cop treated me very fairly. I didn't even ask him to reduce the ticket. 27 over and reckless driving to 11 over is a big plus. Hopefully I can go another 11 1/2 years before getting another one.

Susie and I received a calling -- Sunday School teachers to the youth. I'm way excited. The Bishop said the Primary came running for us (big surprise) but he staved them off since we spent the last 2+ years in there. He could tell we needed a break. I've always said I wanted to teach Sunday School. I have no weekday commitments, and I find the lessons more interesting than the "farmed-out" versions of stuff they use in YM/EQ. On a side note, I don't particularly like those president manuals. They don't give the whole story and sometimes quotes are taken out of the context in which they were given. It bothers me.

It is the winter of endless snow here, and I'm ready for spring. Unfortunately, two more storms are coming. Pretty soon we won't be able to shovel over the hills on our driveway. I guess if Congress ends up giving up a $1500 rebate, we could be good consumers and buy a snowthrower. But I'd rather spend the money on an elliptical machine.

Lastly, it's busy season. I've got a lot of work to do, and the commute is getting in the way. I may ask the boss if I can work from home one day a week.


Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 25 2008 11:57

Maggie misses you. She loves when you work from home.

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 26 2008 11:39

I just heard about those rebates today, literally. That is so crazy...I wonder what everyone thinks about that (Sumana and Joe) but I don't want to start a big fisticuffs, I am just really curious. Anyone can comment on my blog about it if John doesn't want to. I am so out of the loop on politics lately.


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