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Bookworming: I finally procured a copy of the third book in the Eldest series, Brisingr, yesterday. My nephew Logan was kind enough to lend me his copy, so I can stop being number 600 on the library list. I look forward to starting it today, now that busy season has officially ended!

Today I finished the first book in the Twilight series. It was rather silly and extremely girly, but I'll probably read the other 3 anyway. Maggie will most likely pick them off the shelf one day and I like the idea of reading what my kids read, just to make sure I approve and that we can carry on conversations about such things. I think the author created a fascinating world, but limits herself with no plot and gushy garbage that limits half the world's population from her readership.

I'm also number 20 on the library list for book four in a series about Jerusalem circa 600 BC. OK, so it is elaborating on the origins of the beginning of the BoM, including Lehi's flight from Jerusalem, Laban's ultimate demise, and the ransacking of the city by the Babalonians. But they are very well written, and I'm excited to get my hands on it. Problem is, the two books above will have to go on hold while I get through it, since I'll only have 3 weeks to read it before it becomes the property of owner number 27.

Lastly, I am reading an historical fiction series about the Revolutionary War. I've read 4 of the 7 books now, but am putting them on haitus for the moment. They aren't as good as any of the above, but it's been interesting to ready about the Revolutionary War in light of the current election year.

For the last two series, I started reading them by picking them off my dad's bookshelf. My dad doesn't read much any more, due to poor eye sight, so none of the series are finished. I always end up getting the last few in the series from the library, or finding out the series was never completed for unknown reasons. It's frustrating to have so many series going on at once, but it's also comforting knowing that I will not want for reading material for some time to come.


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