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[Comments] (1) Short stories: As goes Wall St, so goes Main St, or so the media would have us believe. I disagree. I think it's more apropos to say as goes Main St, so goes Wall St. The story: my cousin just moved here from Oregon and is trying to procure a house. She found a lovely one for sale by owner and made a bid. The owner called and said she had another bid, and would they be interested in increasing their bid. They did. She calls back. The other party upped their bid. They declined the bid war. Months later, they see the house is still for sale by owner. They go in and make another bid. Sure enough, owner calls back with another third party bid. My cousin sees through the sham and retracts her first bid. The next day, the house is listed on MLS. Greed run amok. And being in Provo, the owner is probably Christian. Like Mark Twain said: "If Jesus were here today, he would be anything but Christian." What a warped world we live in.

Susie and Rachel also perused Provo yesterday to visit their parent's gravesite, and visit the Creams. Susie picked up a copy of the Daily Universe. I couldn't resist the letters to the editor. Surprisingly enough, there were some great letters in there. One in particular noted that the demise of Prop 8 will not in fact end the world. For example, MA allows gay marriage and we have yet to shut down LDS Family Services or the temple there. But the real zinger was a letter about a man who is proud of his Medicaid. He had a baby that had complications. $300,000 later, the Medicaid picked up the whole bill, which means that I assisted in the birth of his child. I guess I'm ok with that, but he didn't even have a copay? It boggles my mind how the LDS population can be so eager to take handouts of Medicaid and pell grants with one hand and then disclaim the socialism they enjoy with the other.

Last story. I know somone whose neice was fired from Old Navy. The claim: she checked her mother out, which is against company policy. She promises that never happened, and has asked to see a copy of the receipt that would show her mother's credit card number and her cashier ID. The company will produce nothing I personally am boycotting Old Navy for a year. Disgraceful behavior to get out of paying unemployment.


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