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[Comments] (3) If I were running for President: this is what I'd say. Sure, our 401k's are down to pre-2001 levels, the Dow is below 10,000, Osama is still at large, people are losing jobs and are upside down in their houses, the value of the dollar is equal to Canadian coinage, fuel and food prices are up 10%, but I've got GREAT news....

I just saved a TON of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!

True story. Near 50% savings. AAA was royally ripping us off. Fifteen minutes really can save you 15% or more.


Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 09 2008 17:54


Posted by anonymous at Thu Oct 09 2008 18:44

I will now believe those GEICO ads.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 10 2008 04:32

on the other hand, the dollar is doing GREAT against the pound! =)


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