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[Comments] (3) Trunk or Treat: Thursday was my first Trunk or Treat ever. It was insane. The parking lot was packed! We ran out of candy. This was my first ever Trunk or Treat. I always assumed, having never participated in the ritual until now, that it was a CA-invented notion. Susie begs to differ. She thought it was a UT invention. But Susie did have to admit she did have Trunk or Treat growing up, whereas I did not. I think Susie assumed it was a UT thing because it is a Mormon thing. I assumed it was a CA thing because there are a lot of areas in CA that are just not conducive to trick or treating. The sad thing is, we may never know the truth.

Today, for those who don't use the Mormon calendar, is what they call Super Saturday. What is Super Saturday you ask? It is a Saturday wherein all the women get together to make cork boards out of recycled felt (think McGuyver) while John babysits their kids. I'll return and report, if I survive.


Posted by Sumana at Sat Nov 01 2008 08:58

I lived in Northern California for more than ten years and only dimly remember hearing of Trunk or Treat in the mid-aughts. I thought really rural communities did it at the town center, i.e. Wal-Mart. And Super Saturday sounds like it should involve coupons.

You write the funniest entries. You're like an anthropologist from your own tribe. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 01 2008 13:55

Sumana, the coupon class was two weeks ago.

Posted by Kristen at Sun Nov 02 2008 16:52

It's funny because I thought my mom made up Trunk or Treat because when I was younger she was on the activity committee chair and that's when our ward started doing it and it was the first we heard of it. I guess it is probably a Mormon thing because we were doing it in TX 15+ years ago as was every state.

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