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[Comments] (2) What a Day: Things that really bother me:

1. People that think that the rain doesn't matter, and they can still drive recklessly.

2. People that are afraid of the rain and drive 15 mph on the freeway.

3. These new-fangled blogs with the radios at the bottom. I don't want to listen to your dumb songs. I have my own songs playing on my iTunes and your automatic radio clashes with my style. Also, I usually check blogs when Maggie is asleep. And your intrusive music is not appreciated.

4. People that tell me "oh you should vote for so-and-so to be your Draper House Rep. He's for Prop 8." How is that relevant? I live in UT and Prop 8 affects Californians. UT already has a law in place (big surprise) so why does it matter? On that vein, I really dislike people that lie for votes. Did you know if Prop 8 fails that the gays can make Mormons recognize gay marriage in the temple, or risk it being shut down? Phooey. Boston temple is still up and running. So are all the temples in Europe. If you really really feel that God wants you to vote yes on Prop 8, fine. But don't do it based on lies.

Things that excite me:

1. Voting! Though I didn't get to pull any levers. Just touch the screen. And I also didn't have to wait in line (thank goodness, because it's pouring rain outside).

2. Fast Offerings on Sunday. Why, you ask? Normally I dislike doing YM responsibilities due to the laziness of YM. Especially because it was pouring rain. But I stopped by several houses of prominent members in the neighborhood with Obama signs in the window! I really doubt UT will cast electoral votes for him, but still. I'm not alone! I'm not the only one that wants the Republicans to understand that they can't tote the same old rhetoric every 4 years and then do nothing about it, nor am I the only one out there that thinks McCain should not get the Mormon vote because he hates Mormons!

3. Getting to leave work on or before 5. Now I remember why I moved to UT. Slow season!

4. Holiday season. The time has come.


Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 04 2008 17:34

I love voting! And Slow Season! and Holiday Season! yay!

Posted by Jamie at Tue Nov 04 2008 21:39

Gotta love Utah!

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