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[Comments] (1) Condimentary: We went with Brook & Erin to Rib City for dinner. It boggles my mind that Susie dislikes red meat but likes ribs. I don't really care for ribs, so I had smoked turkey instead. Maggie got a free meal because she's under four! It consisted of what we assumed was a chicken nugget and some fries. Instead, it was a chicken leg and fries. How a 19-month old is supposed to eat that is beyond me.

Anyway, Maggie and her fries. She thinks that fries are just a tasty, somewhat dissolvable utensil. For ketchup. She loves ketchup. She ate way more ketchup than fries tonight, by dipping her fry repeatedly into the ketchup. Then licking off the ketchep, and repeating the process. That kind of grosses me out, but it beats her begging for more Halloween candy.


Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 05 2008 00:06

I like red meat the same as I like ribs: rarely (not RARE!)

Maggie is so cute! she hardly got messy at all.

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