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On War & Peace: NOW the neighbors have their Christmas lights on! As you probably know, this means war.

Speaking of war, our home teachers came by last night. One of them informed me that we are in an economic downturn. And history has shown that the only surefire way out of an economic downturn is to start a war. And here we are, electing a president that wants to end a war! The horror.

I may have a solution for him. I have attended two different tax conferences the past two days, held at varying hotels in the valley. Both hotels were also hosting other conferences, both with the trite slogan "Bringing Wall St to Main St." I cringe to think of what that entails, but it most likely includes instructions to buy low, sell high, and screw over everyone that gets in your way. I think the show "Survivor" runs on the same premise, but in thongs instead of double breasted suits. So I propose we initiate our own conference that teaches us how to "take Main St to Wall St," as in taking it to the streets. Show the fatcats a thing or two. Only problem is, I don't own a pitchfork. But Grandma June gave me a metal hoe. And I have a push mower....


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