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[Comments] (4) Death becomes advertising: My short jaunt to CA from 2005-2007 greatly changed the state of UT. There are now billboards all over memorializing the passing of loved ones. The signs are normally very colorful, with the name of the individual and the birth and death date displayed below. For most signs, that's it. For others, there may be a tag line such as "miss ya already" or "thanks for the memories."

Having witnessed the publication of Frances's obit in the local paper, it appears that billboard obits are not really much more expensive. But if I'm allowed my druthers, I'd prefer not to be immortalized to the commuting community.

Do other states do this? I don't EVER remember seeing this in CA, but I also didn't drive as much there.


Posted by Jamie at Mon Nov 24 2008 08:48

I've wondered about these billboards myself....but now we know how you want to be remembered lol....a big sign right at the Draper exit just for it!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Nov 25 2008 19:14

Here's a test comment!

Posted by Kristen at Tue Nov 25 2008 21:13

I wrote a comment and it is waiting for you to get verified.

Posted by John at Wed Nov 26 2008 08:21

Kristen: Hmm. This is supposed to be fixed now, but I don't see a comment in queue anywhere. Isn't it odd that you can post sometimes and not others? I sure wish I could logic with the computer like I do a human. Then again, maybe I don't.

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