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[Comments] (3) Turkey Lurkey: Thanksgiving was at the cabin this year. It was a full house. Leonard made brussel sprouts. I think it was my first time having them and they were good. They taste like broccoli but with an improved texture. I was even surprised by how many of the pickies in my family tried them and liked them. The bacon may have helped.

Today we put up all the decorations, including our new tree ornaments. Instead of throwing away the old ornaments, they are now scattered throughout the house in various bowls and whatnot, acting as their own decor. The ultimate way to reuse and reduce.

I normally avoid Black Friday, but yesterday I couldn't help but notice the awesome adverts for ellipticals. I've tried to avoid buying one but let's face it, UT is not, and will never be, CA. I just can't get outside to work out when the weather is cooperative. And I've decided that I don't like working out in gyms. I prefer to grunt and sweat in the privacy of my own home. Plus then I can control what's on tv. So we bought one today (happy early Christmas to me), and I spent the remainder of the day assembling. I'm going to use it tonight when Maggie is in bed and Susie's taking Leonard to the airport. For being in a recession, the mall sure was packed.

I also saw gas for $1.49 today. Next to the elliptical, no Christmas present can top that, especially since my work per diem is still $0.585/mile!

Maggie's sure going to miss having Leonard around.


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