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[Comments] (2) home for the holidays: Today Susie & I, after seeing an advert in the paper for Christmas tree-shaped butter, decided it was high time to peruse Pirate-O's. At first blush, the place smelled like Frances's home in Bakersfield. Susie concurred that wet dog smell was wafting through the store. The store did not seem to be selling any sort of animal products, however, so the smell is a mystery. Pirate cologne?

They have quite the assortment of bric-a-brac. In particular, they have all the Cadbury chocolates, so Rachel no longer has to bring smashed boxes of the stuff with her from London town. They also have quite the impressive array of marzipan sweets. They also have those candy necklackes in the form of handcuffs, g-strings, bras, and whips.

But most important of all, they carry delicious stroopwaffles and Loacker's Quadratini. I haven't seen quadratini since the Kong, so it was a nostalgic delight to be sure. The store is more expensive than I would have expected, but I did my part to stimulate their economy.


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