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this and that: We've got snow all around us now, so I stayed home from work today. I don't think I'm supposed to shovel snow yet, though the doctor pronounced me healed today.

Yesterday, during office hours, we had our tax practice par-tay. We went to a movie together, which was wierd. In order to see something copasetic for all, "Four Christmases" won out. My two cents: a miserable failed attempt to revive "Meet the Parents." Shame on Reese Witherspoon; I trusted you.

Then back for the White Elephant exchange. I've discovered being nearly last certainly has its benefits. I had only 4 people following my choice. I stole two pairs of holiday socks, because Susie is really into that kind of ticky-tack. Then the person after me got a Haagen-Dazs gift card. The person after him stole my socks (apparently lots of women like tacky socks) so I stole the Haagen-Dazs. Then the next lady stole the Haagen-Dazs from me! So now there were only two people left, two unopened presents left, and a lot of opened garbage I didn't want. I chose wisely and scored a brand new Chutes & Ladders game! Merry Christmas to Maggie!


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