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[Comments] (3) tis the season: Today at church many glorious things happened:

1. They finally got a new printer so I no longer leave the clerk's office with updated rolls and home teaching sheets that leave black cartridge residue all over my fingers.

2. No one showed up for our Sunday School lesson, even though they were all in Sacrament meeting. So I guess Susie & I will have to eat that whole batch of muddy buddies ourselves.

3. We were released from said Sunday School calling!

Things not so glorious on this cold December day:

1. Maggie is sick (and teething, I think).

2. I am in charge of snow-shoveling at the church this week. The prior 3 weeks, no one helped the President or the counselors do their duty, so it looks like I'll be shoveling alone.

3. The weather forecast calls for lots of snow.

The Sunday School thing is bittersweet for me. I really feel like I failed in this calling. I think those kids really hate us. Why else would they not come to class when I constantly see them in Sacrament Meeting? I guess to be fair, they show up to class on days they weren't in Sacrament. But I feel like we never connected with them; we were always the enemy. We tried being their friends, playing games, making Sunday School as fun as possible, bribing them with treats, but it never seemed to be good enough for these kids. I was the Primary champion in Costa Mesa. I just don't get it. I mean, I was a teenager more recently than I was a kindergartener. So why is it I connect with 5 year-olds but am hopelessly lost when it comes to 15 year-olds?

Oh well. I really did try my best, so I don't really have any regrets. But I still feel like I failed. The only thing that makes me feel like I succeeded on a personal level is the fact that my attitude changed from "What's wrong with these kids?" to "I'm really worried about these kids." I guess I'll just move on and try and do well at being EQ Secretary to compensate. That's not an easy calling either. It's the same idea of guilting people into doing the right thing, just with a different age group.


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